Pole Poll #2

It’s our second poll, to find out who’s the best of the best in the trousersnake department. Who packs it in? Who’s lip-smackingly good? Who makes you think they’d make your eyes water most?

Remember that this isn’t a vote of who you fancy, who you like, or who you think about while getting yourself off. It’s about who’s demonstrating the best bulge.

Click on a name to see the full bulge report for that guy. You should probably peruse them before casting your vote; research at school was never this much fun!

Ronaldo won last time for his blatant penis exhibitionalism. Who will it be this time?

1) Mario Lopez (2 bulge pictures)
2) Corin Nemec (1 bulge picture)
3) Kevin Federline (1 bulge animation)
4) Eddie Cibrian (3 bulge pictures)
5) David Campbell (2 bulge pictures)

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