Ronaldo: I have a bulge, and I’ll use it… for publicity

It’s horrible. You know the celebrity is prepared for the paparazzi. The celebrity is ready for the publicity. Dressed in some skimpy underwear, he ‘accidentally’ walks out on to a balcony to accidently be shot. “Oh nos, you caught me in my private moment in my underwear… hmm I wonder if this could lead to an Armani deal and people could pay me for showing off my substantial Portuguese crotch.”

But knowing this, it is still impossible to resist the charm of Cristiano and the delicious bulge between his legs.

We challenge anyone to take a look at this, and not feel somewhat hard/wet (delete as applicable for your anatomy). A very fine body, attached to a very fine bulge.

Don’t know about you, but we’re ready to ride the Ronaldo publicity train… and ride it hard.

  • Anonymous

    It's really not that big, it's maybe a couple above average…

  • i am big fan of Ronaldo. he if best player forever

  • Anonymous

    he goes with pretty girls, but when the latest world cup he showed on Tv interview the gay side of him. He was interviewed with his friend who is a footballer also. If you guys have that interview, see it back how C. Ronaldo looked at 'his friend', it really meant special feeling.
    the bulge..?? avarage, but we have to agree that his bulge is expensive.

  • M.B.

    When people describe these celebrity "bulges" as "big," I really start to question what sizes the author of the blog has seen in his/her lifetime.

    Now, obviously, I don't know Ronaldo's actual size — but that is irrelevant. We're talking about the size of the bulge in the underwear.

    If you think that size is notable, I feel sorry for you lol.