We’ll be back soon

We were nobbled (not in a good way) by Google. Despite us using images from TV, billboards, newspapers etc. seen by ALL ages, with NO nudity – Google decided we were too sexy! They took out our ads and our domain.

Yes, that billboard that is okay to be 10 feet tall in Times Square is just too damn adult for Google and enough to shut us down.

It was the start of many erosions of freedoms. They are cracking down on pretty much any skin, female or male. Their rules include no “images of men or women posing and/or undressing in a seductive manner”.

That is unless it’s in the Play Store because if they’re making money, then smutty, sexy and degrading it A-Okay there.

Unfortunately that is the dichotomy of the police state that Google is creating. “Seductive” is banned on the web, but allowed in the Play Store. They are scanning emails and reporting that content to law enforcement – so if you’re in gay and in a country where that’s illegal and you’re using Gmail – a naked photo may land you in jail. Do NOT use Gmail.

We’ll be back soon, trying to destroy mankind with fully clothed mail groins.