Pole Poll #1

To borrow an idea from our friends at Bent, we’ve decided to do polls to find out who has shown the best bulge. We have and will continue to update on an irregular basis, so rather than polls based upon time we’ll just do a poll for every five bulge reports. We can then collect a hall of fame of which celebrities best tease us with their man sticks.

Remember that this isn’t a vote of who you fancy, who you like, or who you think about while getting yourself off. It’s about who’s demonstrating the best package. We started off which some good cock, so it’s not an easy choice.

Click on a name to see the full bulge report for that guy. You should probably peruse them before casting your vote; research at school was never this much fun!

1) Cristiano Ronaldo (3 bulge pictures)
2) John Mayer (2 bulge pictures)
3) Marlon Brando (3 bulge pictures)
4) Jamie Bamber (2 bulge pictures)
5) Cole Hauser (1 bulge picture)

Cristiano Ronaldo 68%
John Mayer 18%
Marlon Brando 6%
Cole Hauser 5%
Jamie Bamber 3%

  • BareSailor508

    You know, it was an easy “hands down” (Cristiano’s swimskin) win!

    Thanks for the pole, er, poll.