Pole Poll #1 Result: it’s Ronaldo!

Yes, in our first ever Pole Poll, Cristiano Ronaldo saw off the competition. With his cock so on display in those skimpy little trunks, you succumbed to his penile charms.

Ronaldo took 68% of the vote (almost 69, but we were denied a cheap joke). John Mayer came a well-deserved second but way behind with 18%. Somewhat disappointing considering his trouser snake is so impressive. Marlon Brando came third with 6%, Cole Hauser fourth with 5% and Jamie Bamber last with just 3% (but then we admit his pecs were more impressive in the pics).

Expect another poll soon! For now, check out the winning bulge.

  • Anonymous

    um this guy is not only hot hes VERRRY HUNG