So, Matt Lanter is a loser?

Matt Lanter bulge

A couple of years ago Bravo launched “Manhunt”, which was “The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model”. Believe it or not, Matt Lanter lost. Something is very screwed up when this guy is losing something for not being hot enough.

But he got the last laugh, as he’s been on ABC’s “Commander in Chief” as the son of the president, as well as being on “Heroes”, so has been ogled by millions of people each week. (Well you don’t think they tuned in to see Geena Davis blow up Cuba while nursing her daughter’s bad toe, do ya?)

Here he is from his “Manhunt” days, looking very hot and showing just a bit of bulge.

It seems it’s true. Winning isn’t everything.

Click below for a close up feast!

Matt Lanter's bulge - enlarged for your pleasure

  • I understand why he lost. While he is indeed beautiful, he is not uber-ripped, and in the modelling world, that is essential. If you’re gorgeous but not flawless, you lose.

  • Fabulous blog!
    Do you mind if I link you on mine?

  • ah yea… me too! gonna link on mine – HOT BLOG

  • Did you see ricky martin’s performance on the today’s show last month? Was it just me or did he keep on adjusting his crotch?????

  • I love the specificity of this blog and will link as well, if I may.
    Oh. Lanter? Supremely do-able, but no trophy winner.


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  • Anonymous

    This is the greatest website ever!!!

  • I’m echoing everybody’s sentiments. This is a very hot blog! Thank you for the bulge shots of Eddie Cibrian!

    I’m linking this blog to mine… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    so is this blog dead?

  • Steve

    I love the son of the President! I didn’t know his name, and barely watch that show except to look at that boy!! I agree that he is too hot for words. Thanks for sharing Mr. Lanter…

  • Anonymous

    i dont think he is wearing any underwear! (i hope we can find out!)

  • hottt

    hey i9ve found some hot bulging pics of tom welling from superman – any chance you’d want them?

  • Anonymous

    seriously men, this guy is not hot at all. i totally understand why he lost. he’s not ribbed, he’s face is nothing special. it really isn’t a surprise. your taste in men is poor, obviously. sorry!bye

  • Carla

    Update, baby, update already!!! I need my bulge fix 😀

    And happy joyjoy in 2007!

  • Anonymous

    nice, but where da bulge?

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