Mark Feehily from Westlife

Mark Feehily, gay and bulging

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Mark Feehily from Westlife. We love this picture of Mark, where he’s showing a lovely bulge. And we love Irish singers with bulges anyway, so this is a welcome addition.

Of course it has to be pointed out that Mark Feehily officially came out recently. We say officially, because durgh it was kind of obvious anyway that he’s a backside artist.

We’ve said before how Bulge Report consists mostly of the fantasies of kiddies, and that they expected you to pay to read those fantasies. But if you want the ultimate proof that the site is largely full of crap, read their report on the homo Mark Feehily: “Girlfriend ‘very disappointed’ over how tiny he was.”

But guys, you can know for sure that this package is being put to good use with a man.

Girls, you’ll have to settle for Nicky.

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44 thoughts on “Mark Feehily, gay and bulging

  1. Mark, I hate to see the truth you are gay and havin’ boyfriend Kevin McDaid, but even the truth you’re gay. I want you suck my cock and fuckin’ you. Mark Feehily, I know you’re a gay… get stripped for me my slave.

  2. Mark Feehily, I hate to hear that you’re a gay, but I can accept that, but I don’t want to see you fallin love with Kevin McDaid, you must show your cock with me, and get fuck from me, and get my cock and your mouth, you are my sex slave. Do you hear me Mark??!!!! BITCH.

  3. hey mark
    i`m feel sorry for you
    you`ve been my favourite man in the whole world.. but i`m gonna change that from now
    i don`t know what to say
    but you made me sad
    but i understand you
    but if you didn`t say that to midea it would be better
    any way i hope to you a good life

  4. heya…well mark im kinda devastated when i found out dat you were a gay…but wad the hell rite?…anyawez…juz wanna let you noe dat u r still my numer 1!…i respect ur decision…and so…rawk on,mark!juz so to let you noe…you have great body, dudez!*sniggers*

  5. I can’t believe that ur gay, but i will always love u no matter wut happens. I would also love to suck ur cock. LOL.:):);)

  6. mark is my biggest crush ever! the truth of him being a gay… i had so many gay crushes. i realize my types were gays.

  7. mark i was shocked to know ur gay but it,s ok i understand you perfectly well if u were straight id love to fuck you

  8. tmmark…i dont believe that u be liKe that,i dont believe until u say that to mE by your self.i want to be patient but i CAN NOT.why do u break my heart…idont believe that..i love u until U be mine.just mine,I LOVE U……CHANGES UR MIND PLEASE……..

  9. mark whatever you are….i will accept you…until now your my idol and it would be forever….i dont care who you really you are as long as i will always love and admire you…mark, its ok that you admit your a gay…you are just telling truth and honest to yourself….mark i wish someday i will see you in real person and hug you…mark continue to pursue your dream whatever may happen…..just you!!!!!!!!

  10. Why don’t u come look 4 an African girl cos it seems Irish girls broke ur heart that’s why u decided to be gay?I am here for you,i will love forever and i’ll never leave you.Just come to Botswana,papie!u’ll find me waiting for and i’l help you sing cos i know all westlife songs and have a good voice.I can’t wait to get under the sheets with you!

    Mark’s Babe

  11. Aint you people sad. Leave the poor lad alone. So what he is gay, whats the big deal. As for it been wrong, god made everyone and if he did not want gay people we would not have been created. Lee – Sligo, Ireland – and before you think it, no i dont know Mark even thoe i live in the same town !

  12. Mark!
    I feel sorry to hear that you are a gay. But my heart can’t deny.
    You are my hope and my happiness for my life. No matter want happens, you are still the one that I love. Don’t worry! I will always be there for you.There is no word to say about you and Kevin McDaid.I’m happy when you’re happy. If I make a mistake, forgive me, Mark!

  13. Your rite Mark has big bulge ave to say never noticed it before,anyway I met the whole band back in 2000 and i ave to say Mark made me weak in the knees,can’t wait till I meet them again hopefully.I’ve been to every concert in London,and it just overexcites me wen mark(the love of my life)cums on and sings his heart out his my world think i will always love him!Also its up2 him if he likes men or woman and i stand by him 4 being GAY it takes a lot coming out and he was brave enough to do so STAND UP FOR MARK…………I LOVE HIM FOREVER AND ALWAYS TILL THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. whoever said it’s sick and you will go to hell for being a homo you’re wrong because there’s nowt with gay. I wish homophobic people would realise gay people are part of everyday society and accept it. I had a crush on Mark and still do (yeah i’m a girl), so i still haven’t abadoned him lol. I’m so proud of him for coming out (i know it was a couple of years ago but i’m showing my support) i don’t care if he’s gay it doesn’t change him as a person.

  15. Mark does have a nice bulge, but it doesnt compare to the bulge of Nicky from westlife.
    Check out my website if you havent seen a Nicky bulge!
    (and dont forget to sign GB! or submit pics to the site!)

  16. i love u mark!!!!!!!!!it doesnt matter f u r a gay!!!im gonna change u sumday!!!!!wen il meet u in person!!!!!!!!i love u so much!!!i dont care what u r!!!!!!

  17. oUch…i am so hurt tHat i alwaYs cry..but i d0nt care even if ur a gay,, as lonG as uR happy, iM haPpy to0…i love u z0 mUch!!!!!

  18. i wanna taste that irish big cock
    i wanna lick that irish big cock
    i wanna bite that irish big cock
    i wanna crunch that irish big cock
    i wanna gulp that irish big cock

  19. What a beautiful bulge and a very sexxy man. I would love to make love to you Mark untill your bulge explodes with your love juice. I would suck up every drop from your delicious cock.

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