Cookies and privacy

Privacy and cookies

Hello peeps!

We don’t collect information from you, so your privacy is safe with us.

Cookies, however will be used, and this page outlines exactlywaht they do!

Google Analytics cookies and privacy

This give us information how many people visit our site, what countires they’re from etc. We can’t tell who you are individually, we can only draw conclusions like “300 people visited our blog from California last month – they must be cock hungry there!”

Find out how Google manages the data here:,

Disqus cookies and privacy

We use Disqus for our comments system. It’s good for keeping spam down and is easy to use if you really want to post “I need that in me NOW!” and need to post it fast.

It’s optional, you can sign in and use it if you want.

Disqus’s privacy policy can be found at: