Welcome to the Celebrity Bulge Blog

If you’re here, you’re probably like us. We love bulges, and we love when celebrities display them. There’s nothing quite like the chance to size him up and have a good think about what lies beneath that fabric.

Trouble is, there’s no good resource on the web for bulge pictures. Some places like the delightful http://www.socialitelife.com are great for the odd bulge report, but they have many tasty fish to fry. http://www.bulgereport.com are certainly dedicated, but went pay-only and was infested with kiddies saying they’d seen some celebrity in the bathroom and that he had a 55 inch dick. People at some boards post pics, but they think any crease is a bulge and that if there’s the remotest bulge then the celeb must be hung like a donkey (boy will they be disappointed if they ever get laid). So, there was a bulge power vacuum…

So, here we are. Our mission statement: we plan to collate any bulge news on the web, and bring you some of our favorites. We will cover some gossip, and the occasional off-topicish morsel, but our thrust (ooh err) will be photos of male packages. But not just any bulges: celebrity bulges. Actors, singers… basically anyone or any bulge that’s reasonably high profile.

Please, help us. If you see a pic and there’s some cock activity going down, send it to us. We’ll filter out the fakes and crap, and publish them here (with or without credit, you just let us know). This site won’t survive without your contributions, so please drop us a mail. Together we can create the holy grail of celebrity bulge watching.

We lost access to this blog for a year, but now we’re BACK. So once again, celeb boys… start covering your crotches. We’re watchin’ you.