Matt Cardle’s bulge has the X-Factor

Matt Cardle jeans bulgeIf you’re in the UK, you may like us be eagerly watching ITV’s X-Factor. Not to see the fab Dannii, or even the hot Dermot, but to soak up the sexy Matt Cardle.

Looks, check. Great voice, check. Nice bulge, check!

We wonder what note he could hit if we could get into his jeans.

We’ve also included him shirtless, and in underwear. Don’t say we don’t treat you…

Matt Cardle shirtless

Matt Cardle underwear bulge

  • JasmineCardleX

    Wow! His bulge is just so hot. Can I just get in his pants,grab him into my bed and just do dirty things to him i really wanna bed him! <3

  • Anonymous

    do you have the video?