Show us the arrow of Apollo, Jamie Bamber!

Jamie Bamber knows how to get attention. He really does.

Bamber stars as Lee Adama aka Apollo on Battlestar Galactica, and played his trump card on Sci-Fi this last Friday (or at least those lovely writers made him do it) and has probably left a lot of hard men and wet women in his wake.

You gotta admire this guy. Rob over at Bent Blog certainly does. “Un. Fucking. Believable,” he salivated, and who could disagree? Bamber has to be about 80% muscle, yet he doesn’t look like he’s been popping steroids for breakfast.

Of course, to bring this into our site’s remit we have to talk about a particular muscle of Bamber’s. Not a lot is revealed from the episode admittedly. We get plenty of skin of course, and Bamber gets just so close to showing us it all that it physically hurts. But we did get a couple of shots of some bulge activity beneath the towel.

But for the full range of non-bulgecentric pictures, we suggest checking out Bent Blog or where the pictures originated. And Bent Blog slapped him again last year.

Not that there’s any correlation, but if the thickness of his arms is anything to go by then what’s under the towel could be quite eye watering.

  • He’s Heavenly, isn’t he?
    We need to see more. ;-p~~~~~

  • Anonymous

    I was just flipping around the dial when I saw BG on and wanted to check it out….imagine my surprise when the first scene I see is this gorgeous man, barely wearing a towel!!!!Does this happen every episode, has it become battlstar gay-acti-cock!!!! I can only hope!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    imagine sucking him betweeen those great muscly legs. mmmmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Apollo/Bamber is guest staring as a Zombie on this Friday’s Ghost Whisperer! I predict pure HOTNESS, ZOMBIE HOTNESS.

  • Anonymous

    he is also in ultimate force series 1 as well as bg

  • Anonymous

    I need this man naked in my bed. Dear god, he makes me fraking ache!!

  • sarth

    he is the sexyiest man on the planet i want to lick his cock till it is dry

    ummmmmmmmm i cummed on his face

  • Suckyoutodeath

    I'm dreaming of sucking that sexy bulge off of him!!!!!!>.<