Marlon Brando retro bulge

Screen legend Marlon Brando looked good when he was young. Okay, how many people are shouting at us that he looked good when he was older? But we think he was in his prime when gracing flicks like “A Streetcar Named Desire”. The toned body, the tight t-shirts… how could anyone pay attention to the starlets of his films when he was looking that damn good?

In honor of the Late Brando, we’re going to show off some shots of the legend’s legend (one can only assume how much vagina that thing saw).

Admittedly we’re not talking major bulge activity, but there is some to be seen. And the jeans shot, well that may be pushing it, but it’s a good photo and it won’t hurt you to look at it.

And not his cock, but another, don’t forget to take a look at the picture of Brando with his lips around a fat one.

  • Michael

    Brando’s cock saw more than just vagina. Bless his soul.

  • tasty

    That beautiful, fat dick belongs to Marlon’s room mate, Wally Cox.

    It was he early 50’s when they roomed together in Grenwich Village.

    Wally Cox later went on to television fame as the shy Mr. Peepers on the series with the same title.

    Off stage Mr. Cox had a cock that ever mouth wanted to suck… including Marlon.

  • Anonymous

    that's really brando with his lips around a big black dick?