Matt Holland welcomes you to his bulge

We love it when a guy like this has his legs so open, his bulge so on display, it almost says “come eat me”.

This is Matt Holland, spotted on football programme Match of the Day. (To our American friends, that’s soccer.)

Holland was a footballer for Ireland back in the day, but has now taken to sitting on the commentator’s couch and making us drool.

Or should we say… dribble? Ha.

That’s not our only football joke… we can go into balls, shooting into our open goal and so much more dear readers. But let us spare you the puns, and allow you to focus on the bulge.

  • Anonymous

    i was watching this hyperventilating

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn't mind a grab 😉

  • Anonymous

    You don't need to translate for the Americans, but you do need to be aware that missing the 'and' out of 'come eat me' is an American habit, not a British one.