Thomas Dekker bulge: he dresses to the right

Oh Thomas Dekker makes us tingle. So so pretty and lips that look as if they could offer so much pleasure.

Playing John Connor in the short lived Terminator TV series, it would also make sense that he has the ‘equipment’ to repopulate the human race. And here it is, dear viewers…

It seems Thomas likes to dress to the right, both on and off set (don’t ask us what’s going on in that third picture, but the picture is huge – so be sure to click it to get a full view of his bulge).

However we are disappointed that our frequent desire to pleasure him with our mouths would some how doom the human race… life is tough in the Terminator universe.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to get on my knees, open those jeans and swallow down every last inch! What a hot bulge on a gorgeous guy!