Engage chevrons, it’s Corin Nemec

Corin Nemec bulge Forget that Corin Nemec was that stupid little Parker Lewis back in the 90s, and fast forward to “Stargate SG-1”. With a few more years on him he turned out well, and made “Stargate” almost watchable. Almost.

But before he was driven from the show after just a season, he did give us this wonderful shot of his bulge. You have to love shots like this, a really prominent “come look at my stargate-filler” shot.

A while back in “Stargate” fandom there was a pre-occupation with his character, Jonas, eating bananas. Don’t ask us why, who knows what goes on in fans’ minds.

But we think we know where he kept his fruit supply now, and while we’re on the subject we remind our readers that it’s good for your health if you eat it a few times a day.

  • kevin

    okay…I’ll have to trust you on this one, the pic is too dark. I can’r see a thing. you make it sound good though!

  • He was Parker Lewis?? I never made that connection. Wow, did he grow up.

  • kevin, it’s to the left of his hand. You can’t miss it!

  • man fan, I’ll add a link.

  • Anonymous

    What a hot bulge…great shot man

  • Anonymous

    I used to love Parker Lewis, I was a real dork. If I saw that guy now, I’d probably spit in his face.

  • Carla

    Now he is my kind of guy … and bulge 😉