Jon Snow’s bulge won’t leave you cold

If you’re watching HBO’s Game of Thrones you’ll already be aware that amongst all the naked ladies and death, there’s quite a few hot guys.

At the top of our list is the adorable Jon Snow, played by Brit Kit Harington.

It didn’t take him long to get shirtless – and what a body. We also appreciate, not surprisingly, his nice bulge.

We volunteer to keep Lord Snow warm when he’s at the wall… in our own special way.

Kit Harington/Jon Snow - bulge

  • Anonymous

    Seven gods… Lord Snow already had me wrapped around his finger with those sexy eyes and lips and hair and voice – and then this! I hope he had his fingers crossed when he took that vow of celibacy. It would be a waste to deny all that crazy hottiness to, well, me.

  • Anonymous

    So glad he and his gorgeous bulge survived the first season!


    Greyjoy's cock wasn't all bad was it?!