David Campbell big down under

David Campbell bulge

We’d not heard of Australian singer David Campbell until recently. We caught sight of his package over at famousmales forums where ‘bulgindude’ posted some pictures of his bulge.

Our main bulge picture shows him with a real ‘come and get it’ pose. Judging from one of his single covers he seems to have a passion for opening his legs in an inviting way. We accept the invitation.

And in the last picture below he’s so cute he makes us tingle in our special places, and we wanted to share. Sure there’s no bulge, but we can enjoy a pretty face here once in a while too.


David Campbell bulge David Campbell bulge David Campbell - leg's wide open David Campbell


  • Jesus. He looks like he’s got a box of kleenex stuffed in there. And he’s so damn happy about it! Thumbs up and all!

  • I’ve know of him for years. I even have one of his CDs. He used to perform at a piano bar that I frequented in the 90’s. He is just as gorgeous in person.

  • Anonymous

    How hot is this guy? Nice!

  • Anonymous

    that is big!!!!!!!!!1 i love that cock! i cant wait to see him nacked please get some more shots

  • Anonymous

    he looks huge can i have a taste of the thunder down under youmm big 8:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D

  • Anonymous

    His bulge is BIG!! I love it!!

  • Anonymous

    David is the son of Jimmy Barnes